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LW Sunshine Club

Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Clubhouse 3, Room 8

Phone: (562) 598-6796

The Leisure World Sunshine Club began classes to get the best out of living in Leisure World by getting information from weekly GRF newspaper. Many residents read the community information resource and miss many beneficial news items.

As Leisure World residents, organizers consider the “GR News” as a treasure of information on activities, various events, beneficial classes and opportunity to learn about different cultures that enhances living here. The News also provides opportunities to learn about GRF rules and regulations. The class uses the weekly GRF News as text book and goes over news, general columns, the minutes of monthly mutual meetings, the minutes of monthly Board of Directors meetings, etc. No Membership dues, everyone in L.W are welcome to join.

The Sunshine Club of SBLW was established and designed to help Korean- Americans and all ethnic groups to get along in this wonderful community and to have better communication with neighbors. The Sunshine Club is happy to be part of a liaison when new residents have issues with their Mutual or GRF due to lack of information or regulations. English is spoken in class.
During the last 24 months, Sunshine Club has invited many community and club leaders to share their experience with classmates and answer classmates’ questions. The guest speakers include Denis Craig, GRF Board member of Mutual 11; Owen Huff, Mutual 7 Director ; Phil Hood, Mutual 5 President; Jim Mueller, Y’s Service Club; Kevin Dugonvencec, Assistant to the Executive Director; Jack O’Shea, Mutual 11 President; Linda Johnson, GAF Hospitality Supervisor; Sharon Kohn, Vision and Impaired; Joyce Vlaic, GAF President ; David Saunders, GRF News Managing Editor ; Jaime Guerrero, Security Chief; John Harper, the president of Photo Art Club & Art League; Janice Laine, Social Security Benefit specialty for Seniors; Carol Weller, Stock Transfer Supervisor; Johnny Vanek, Cabaret Entertainment member ;Bob Kravitz, Certified Aging Health Care; Frank Tripoli, Former Mutual 3 President, MCC President; Ann Pepper, PEP(Planning for Emergency Preparedness) Founder; Calvin Williams, Recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal; Susan Fisher, 24 Hour Nurse in HCC; Ruben Gonzales, Supervisor of Maintenance of GRF; Joe Healey, Former COO of Flying Tiger Airline in Vietnam; Terry DeLeon, Supervisor of GRF Recreation Dept.; James Oliver, Pastor of Community Church; David Noble, Mutual 5 Advisory Board and Advocade of We The People in L.W, Attorney and Architech; Anne Seifert, Chair of Ad Hoc Community Name Change; Rosie Page, President of Mutual 8; Denis Craig, GRF Trust Extension, GRF Board ; Janice Laine, Director of Mutual 2;
Bob McCauley, Superwire/Time Warner; Tom Barrett, Historical Society of L.W, GRF Board;

Officer Farris Hamid, CHP Officer from Westminster; Rob Viera, Supervisor of Care Ambulance;

Carole Damoci, GRF Board; Cherrie Green, GAF Chair of Lifeline ;Grant Winford, Supervisor of GRF Bus &Transportation; Maureen Habel, GAF Chair of Flu Clinic; Kate Pedigo, Centenarian ; Terri Furlow, Director of HCC; Marsha Gerber, President of Emergency Meal Service; Randy Ankeny, Executive Director of GRF; Sylvester Chumley, On Site Sales; Mark Weaver,GRF Facilities Manager; Maureen Habel, Rancho Los Cerritos, GAF Board; Janice Laine, Director of Mutual 2; Dr. Rudolf Haider, HCC Chief; Tiffany Munholland, GRF Social Worker; Gene Vesely, Retired from NWS; Denise Craig, GRF Board;

The Sunshine Club meets every Friday at Club House 3, Room 8, from 10:00 -12:00.
The volunteered leaders of the classes are Anna Derby, Flo Darrt and Carole Kendall.
Co-hosted one of the 50th Anniversary banquets, "A Tropical Night".



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