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Perpetual Monthly Calendar
GRF & Mutual Policies
GRF Meeting Documents
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Business Documents

  Policy 1000 Files
Community Operations, Resident Communication, Resident Participation, Staff-Community Relations, Use of Community Facilities, Resident Information, Conditions of Membership, Educational Programs, Co-occupants, Vehicle & Pedestrian Code
  Policy 2000 Files
Administration, Administrative Services, Fiscal & Accounting Services, Physical Property Services, Security Services, Use of Library, Recreation Services, Resale Services, Newspaper Services, Budgets
  Policy 3000 Files
Staff Operations, Administrative Services Department, Controller & Accounting Department, Physical Property Department, Security, Recreation, Golden Rain News
  Policy 5000 Files
ersonnel, General Policy, Community Problems, Capital Improvements, Governmental Relations, Board Internal Operations, Board Meetings
  Policy 7000 Files
utual Operations, Organization of Board, Stockholders Meetings, Accounting & Fiscal, Physical Property, Resident Regulations, Mutual Reserves, Community Management, Mutual Councils, Contractual Obligations, 


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