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Life in our community comes with a real sense of safety. Neighbors stop to chat on the street and stroll the meandering tree-lined walkways without concern for personal safety. You can travel, live alone or attend functions day or night secure in the knowledge that you live in a safer environment.

Leisure World Seal Beach is a private community whose residents and management understand that personal well-being means everything... and that security is everyone's responsibility.

  • The community is diligently and courteously guarded round-the-clock by guards at the Main Gate.
  • Streets are continuously patrolled day and night in specially marked vehicles so that help is near when needed.
  • Residents are encouraged to use sound judgement about personal safety for themselves and their property and to look out for their neighbors.

The Security Department provides traffic control and enforcement, auto patrol of the community, visitor gate control, emergency disaster planning, and vehicle decal registration for residents.


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